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Need to include character, a sprinkle of shading, and additional seating to your space? Attempt an accent chair! They’re kinda similar to shoes; you can never have an excessive number of and they come in many styles. Things being what they are, how would you realize which accent chair is directly for you? Here are five simple standards to follow:


The main thing I won’t bargain on is comfort. On the off chance that a chair ain’t comfortable, let’s be honest, you’re not going to utilize it and neither will your visitors. In case you’re thinking about a chair, ask yourself, is this a chair I would twist up in with a book? Is this a piece that I would sit in while chatting with companions over a mixed drink? In the event that you’ve addressed yes to both of these, continue to the following guideline! 

The primary explanation an accent chair lives in a room is to give additional seating. Which means, your accent chair is something other than a pretty face. In light of that, ensure your accent chair’s sufficiently solid to get real use. When chasing vintage accent chairs, you’ll see that imperfections like a tangle in the upholstery or a missing catch isn’t unprecedented. Fortunately, these little issues can be effectively fixed. Be that as it may, a messed up leg or a significant wobble? All things considered, we should simply say nobody needs grandmother falling on her bum during Thanksgiving. On the off chance that it’s not fixable, you have to go separate ways with the chair. 

Regardless of whether you select an accent chair in a particular shading, shape, or texture, it very well may be an extraordinary vehicle for saying something in a room. All things considered, don’t go excessively insane. I love the appearance of blending changed stylistic layout styles, yet wouldn’t have any desire to present a Mid-Century Current chair into a room loaded with French Nation furniture. A similar standard applies to shading. It’s enjoyable to try, yet remember that the chair should supplement your current stylistic theme, not overwhelm it. 

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I can’t reveal to you how often I’ve bought a household item and pulled it home just to find it’s excessively little or excessively enormous for the space. Catastrophe results. Guide out the territory where the accent chair will live and quantify it not once, not twice, yet multiple times. Past genuine space trusts, it’s likewise shrewd to think about scale. In the event that most of your current furniture is loft estimated, don’t select a bulky chair. Keep it in a similar family, scale-wise. 

While an accent chair is a venture, they won’t regularly set you back like a couch or bed will. However some way or another, I generally figure out how to succumb to that dazzling creator piece with a humdinger of a sticker price. On Chairish, you have the alternative to look by value, which means you can without much of a stretch set your maximum financial plan and channel out anything estimated past it. With a large number of chairs to browse, a value search will likewise enable you to discover what you’re searching for quicker.

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